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Globe Trotter

Globe Trotters

A fantastical wine tasting that will bounce us around the globe. Each bottle hails from a different country or state. We will sample from Argentina and try their popular and citrusy grape Torrentes. Then into Oregon for a dry blend of three white grapes. Of to Italy to find a cute little Chianti. Jumping over to France to try a Bordeaux. We wrap it all up in our backyard Washington for a Cabernet. Put on your hiking boots and get into

Humble Vine

September, 21 4pm till we are empty…..



Santa Julia, Torrentes, Mendoza Argentina $12

Argentina- Notes of rose, orange peel, white peaches, fruits salad, chamomile and aromatic herbs on the nose. A fresh flavor and light body with flavors of rose grapefruit, ripe fruits like peaches and pears. This is a balanced wine with great fineness in aromas and flavors.


Mother Shucker, White blend, Willamette Oregon $24

The wine is a dry blend of three aromatic whites grown in the volcanic basalt and sedimentary marine soils of our valley. The nose conjures a mix of salt and sand and coastal flowers. The body more giving with texture and fruits coating the tongue. And in the finish, we return to the sea where the salty winds whip past bringing cool misted air up to the low coast mountains. The perfect pairing for our treasured seafood and shellfish.


Ginestraia Chianti, Tuscany Italy $13

Dark fruit on the nose with loads of tannins and irony minerals and more dark fruit on the palate and finish.  Classic Chianti nose with bramble and a swath of rain. This is a great daily drinker.

Chateau Bertin, Montagne Saint-Emilion, Bordeaux France $19

The wine is distinguished by its delicate balance – The fruity aromas are flattering, ripe and mature. The volume and the roundness in one’s mouth are impressive; the tannins are smooth, and the final result is its delicacy.


Nelms Road, Cabernet Sauvignon, Washington $24

Great aromas of cedar spice and black cherries, plenty of body and berry fruit on the palate, with a soft and approachable middle. Pairs well with fruits and light dinners. This is a second label for Woodward Canyon!

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