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Wine Tasting: Italy!


We will jump around Italy to taste some of my favorite wines. We start all the way south in Puglia, with a mouthwatering Rosato. Then due north on the east coast to Abruzzo for a Pecorino Blanco. Driving East to find Orvieto Classico for our final white. But for the reds we venture to the tip of the Northwest…. Piedmont, for 2 Nebbiolo blends. All these wines are bright, medium to full bodied, and delicious. Join us

@ Humble Vine Saturday August 10th 4pm TILL THE BOTTLES ARE EMPTY!!!


Tombacco, Primativo Rose, Puglia $16

Tart and ripe fruit character Cherry, orange rind, pomegranate, cranberry and white pepper. It's zesty and refreshing, with flavors of crushed raspberry, pink grapefruit and a hint of fennel seed. A saline note marks the close.


Tombacco, Pecorino, Abruzzo $17

In the nose complex with a bouquet of exotic fruits like Lychee and Rambutan. (Google it…) and soft notes clove. On the palate well structured and full bodied. Cool.


Arcosesto, Orvieto Classico $

Traditional Orvieto DOC whites may contain Grechetto, Trebbiano, and Malvasia. Some producers use international grape varieties as well, but these tend to fall outside of the DOC. We will find this wine dry and clean, with crisp acidity and pleasant peach notes.


Le Piane, Maggiorina Vino Rosso $20

Elegant, refreshing. Red fruit with touches of spiciness and white pepper. Made to be consumed in enormous quantities and with lots of joy.  Just enjoy knowing you are chugging something of amazing pedigree. From the “Alto Piedmont” which is the northern realm of the Piedmont region.


Reverdito, Langhe Nebbiolo $23

The perfect Langhe Nebbiolo! Inexpensive, grape typical and ripe as a young wine. Medium rich cherry and blackberry nose, dark tobacco, cabinet herbs and a touch of oak. Perfectly balanced. Wonderful!


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