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Wine Tasting: Western Europe

Western Europe

We will be tasting around the European Continent with some fantastic wines. We visit France for a Brut Bubbly, Spain for a fantastic fun white. For reds we go to Germany and Italy. We will finalize the tasting with a fortified wine from the island of Madeira! All the wines are fantastical values and Delicious! Come get your Europe on.

@ Humble Vine, February Saturday 23d 4pm-8pm!

Montparnasse, Rose, France $11

Shockingly good for the price, we think we found your new party bubbles! The Rose is dry and light with a persistent mousse and pleasing mouthfeel


Honoro Vera, Rueda Blanco, Rueda Spain, $12

The wine exudes intense aromas of white flowers and fresh fruit with exotic tropical notes infused with mouth-watering aromas of lemon curd. Beautifully focused and balanced on the palate with a lush mix of apple and pear.


Valckenberg, Dornfelder, Germany $16

This Valckenberg Dornfelder is a medium bodied fruity red with a pleasant cherry aroma accompanied by lightly sweet flavors of blackberry, black currant and vanilla. The velvety soft tannins and touch of sweetness make this dark red wine a perfect food partner, matching well with pork, beef, cheese and barbecue.


Villa Varda, Refosco, Italy $19

Starts out with aromas of brambly berries (black and raspberries), anise, black pepper and rosemary. Taste is more of the same with no one flavor dominating the others. Summertime berries, rosemary/thyme, peppercorns and black truffle. All lightly polished by gentle winemaking and brief time in barrel.


Cossart, 5-year Madeira, Madeira $28 

Luscious, medium-rich Madeira with great concentration of flavor and a complex bouquet. Best served with drier salty cheeses such as Aged Gouda or creamy desserts. Bual grape (medium-sweet) 5% to 6% rs. Excellent with cheeses & light desserts.

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