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Wine Tasting

Feel the Love


  Welcome Back Corey From Cru selections. We will enjoy all red selections that are sure to make you feel the love. We have a rose scented “Lacrima” from Italy. Then to WA for some lovely red blends. Jumping to Priorat Spain for an intensely passionate wine, And finally a “passimneto” for a big finish from Italy. Come feel the Love!!!

@ Humble Vine, Wednesday February 13th. 4pm till close


Conti di Buscareto, “Lacrima” di Morro d’Alba, Marche Italy, $18

This wine by Conti Di Buscareto, located in Marche, Italy is made from the local grape varietal Lacrima, which translates to “tear”. Wonderful aromas of roses. Light to medium in body with silky tannins.


Christopher Michael, Red Blend, Columbia Valley Washington $14

In the mouth, this wine shows concentration and weight. Flavors of cherry cola, plums, cinnamon, and dark chocolate coat the mouth as the tannins take hold and add dimension and structure to the wine. This wine shows good balance in the long finish. 


Trust T.A.T.T., Red Blend, Walla Walla Washington, $17

This wine is old school with a medium body packed with sage, earth, red fruit, and white pepper. T.A.T.T. makes for an elegant and well balanced every day drinking wine. Damn good! 63% Syrah 37% Cabernet Sauvignon.


Buil and Gine, Priorat Rojo Priorat Spain $34

 Carries intense notes of flowers, fruits, and minerals from the soil. This wine is fresh, very fruity, and well balanced. Dark and juicy with an extremely dry finish. Absolutely Lovely!


Famiglia Pasqua, Passimento Rosso, Puglia Italy $18 

Deep ruby red color; Intense aromas of red cherries, cranberry and hints of vanilla and spices. Flavors of ripe cherries and spices, with soft tannins to finish. Rich, off dry and awesome!


Earlier Event: February 7
Later Event: February 14