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Wine Tasting, USA


WE will stay in our own country this weekend and visit New Mexico!, Washington and Oregon. Start with 2 Mimosa's that are ready to pour and chug. One classic OJ w/ sparkling wine, 1 Mango Juice w/ Sparkling wine...Crazy delicious. Then an Awesome winemaker Jackalope from Oregon makes a Viognier in one bottle that is 1/2 Washington wine-1/2 Oregon wine!!! Pretty rad, And a WHITE Cab Franc !!! Then a rich red blend on the WA side from Collusion. And a Mourvedre from a Garagiest in WA, but we will wrap it up with Jackalope's Granache. What a wild world of flavors!!! I am excited! Hence all the exclamation points!

See you at HUMBLE VINE Wednesday May 9th at 4pm -9pm.


Solieil, Mimosa Classic , New Mexico, 2017 $12

Whether setting up brunch, splashing poolside or lounging in a hammock, this is perfect for any occasion. Lush, fresh-squeezed orange juice mingles with crisp white wine, adorned with light effervescence, giving you a perfectly blended, no-fuss Mimosa with every pour. A juicy, refreshing wine that's sure to tickle your taste buds with its subtle hints of white flowers and orange zest


Solieil, Mimosa Mango, New Mexico 2017 $12

Sip Soleil Mimosa Mango and be transported to the tropical paradise of your dreams. This signature blend combines succulent mango juice with crisp white wine, a harmonious paring that lends an explosive bouquet of ripe mangos to this slightly creamy wine with undertones of coconuts and stone fruits. Rich yet refreshing to the last drop.


Jackalope, Voyager Viognier, Dundee Hills, OR 2016 $22

According to Jackalope Wine Cellars, they acquired the 50% of the grapes from the Rogue Valley and 50% of the grapes from Columbia Gorge!!! And then they treated them differently! The grapes from the Rogue Valley were fermented in stainless steel but the grapes from the Columbia Gorge were aged in neutral French oak barrels. This is such a fun & smart way to take on what can be a rich grape.


Jackalope White Cab Franc, Dundee, OR 2016 $28

What does a white Cab Franc taste like? It’s everyone’s guess! Citrus, floral, maybe stony? Perfect for summer. Less than 50 cases produced. Sourced from Sam’s Valley in the Roge Valley. Fermented and aged in stainless steel.


Collusion, Red Blend, Columbia Valley, 2016 $21

Garnet red in color, the 2016 Collusion opens with warm, sweet and inviting scents of blackberry jam, raspberry, forest floor, vanilla and cedar. The wine is very broad and open on the palate, with mingling flavors of fresh, ripe black cherry, restrained oak, vanilla and clove that continue well into the lingering finish. The luxurious mouthfeel provided by velvety, mature tannins assures that this wine will continue to improve in the bottle


Omnivore Cellars, Mourvedre, Columbia Valley, 2012 $26

Omnivore Mourvèdre is a rich and spicy wine that will be best with accompaniment of cheese and veggies. Super small production takes place in a” garage”. So, Omnivore cellars is a Garagiest wine. Fruit is from Columbia Valley, Vineyards: Konnowoc and Sagemoor. Used French Oak for 20 months.


Jackalope, Grenache, Rougue Valley, OR 2016 $25

A Rogue Valley Grenache with a little Viognier blended in for lifted aromatics and brightness. Spontaneous ferment, some whole cluster and 11 months of aging in neutral oak. A chewy, brambly, red-fruited bit of lushness. Is that cocoa peeping out? Some florality? Only 80 cases produced.