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WIne TAsting W/ Fulvio from L&G Cellars, Italian Vino!!!


with Fulvio from L&G


Please welcome in Fulvio, from "L& G distributors". Fulvio will pour a set of unique wines from Italy! We will let him tell you (in his awesome accent) all about these wonderful beauties. Come into Humble Vine 4pm-8pm on Saturday May 12th.

Here is the line up!!!


Vallevo, Trebiano, 2016 $12

The wine is pale straw in color, with aromas of almond, citrus and a hint of herbs. It is bone dry and finishes with a very attractive hint of apple-skin. This is a knockout everyday bottle of white wine, flavorful enough to stand up to a range of dishes but bright enough to make a good dry aperitif


Il Conventino, Rosato, 2016 $16

Dry, light and easy drinking. The nose offers a bouquet of bright fruits. Cherries, raspberries with a stemmy edge..


Colluta, Merlot, 2009 $21

Deep red with a spicy nose and fruity palate. Dry and med to full bodied. Try this with cheeses and a grassy lawn!!


Colluta, Refosco, 2009 $21

Refosco is a venerated regional varietal, and Colutta vinifies from the finest of Refosco clones Peduncolo Rosso. Colutta's Refosco is ruby-red with purple reflections and an intense, herbaceous nose enhanced by wild blackberries. In the mouth, this medium-bodied wine has notes of bright plummy and pomegranate fruit, and a long, quenching finish. This unique wine evokes this undiscovered region of Italy.


Tenuta San Vito, Madiere 2014 $30

Already some brown color, chemical, a bit animal nose, good Balance of Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Merlot grapes, good Body, slightly green tanins good acidity


Il Convwentino. Vino Nobbile de Montepulciano Reserve, 2009 $39

The ruby color is not too concentrated but holds up on the edge. The aroma is intense and well-defined with its red and marasca cherry and a very intriguing scent of yellow peach, nicely garnished by a slight, spicy note. The progression of the flavor is good and characterized more by its elegance and balance than its boldness. The finish keeps its promise with a nice fruity vein of blackberry

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