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Wine Tasting: Indie WIneries

Indie Wineries

We love when Graham comes to the shop because it’s like a magic show. His wines are crazy, unique, colorful, and interesting. This tasting is going to shake your pallet awake and put it on a roller coaster. We are going to focus on some “Super-Natural” wines from makers who care about health and the future of the land they farm on. So, lots of unfiltered, unfined, no pesticides, no fertilizers, no sulfur wines!! And they are so good…We go to Italy for a dry Muscat. To Oregon for a mind-blowing Rose and a brain frying dry Riesling. A rare Paise from Chile in a 1-liter bottle, A Grenache from southern Oregon from “mad scientist” Minimus and finish with an insanely cool wine from Tuscany. I am excited.

Much like Indie films, Indie Wineries takes us away from the normal blockbuster style of an experience. Showing off the cerebral edges of the genre at hand. You have to think more askew when you consume “out of the box”. Come and let Graham, from Indie Wineries show you how it is done. These wines have been touched by a winemaker that wants to do things in their own way. Damn the Torpedoes!

So, bring your socks (to be knocked off of course) and your taste buds to Humble Vine Saturday, December 15th, 4pm-8pm


Cerruti, Rifol $21

The Rifol is a Muscat fermented and aged 8 months in Concrete. It has a straw yellow color. On the nose the olfactory bouquet is aromatic and broad, vinous and characterized by hints that recall ripe peaches, citrus fruits and sage. At the sip it is dry, agile and very fresh, well balanced and of long persistence.


Libertine Wines, Dolcetto Rose, $22

Unfined, unfiltered, 100% Dolcetto grown in Willamette Valley by “acid freak” Alex Neely. These wines are all natural and simply radical. Alex is the wine maker and he is a “devil may care fellow”. Makes wine unapologetically and to great success. He labels some of his wines with classic paintings. Really unique labels.


Libertine Wines, La Velle Vineyard Dry Riesling, $27

Afore mentioned weirdo (and proud of it) Alex Neely’s 2016 Riesling makes the most of noble rot, harnessing the fruit’s sweetness. Unfiltered and unrefined, this wine is both wild and precise—the Oregon wine scene in miniature.


Cacique Maravilla, Pipeno Paise 2018 (1Liter), $20

This supremely drinkable Chilean red hits all the season’s sweet spots—made entirely from the grape País, long an essential grape for Chilean winemakers. This wine is naturally fermented and unfiltered. The wine’s character offers a negotiated balance between the darker, drier flavors of favorite autumn pours, and the brighter, floral accents of late-summer sips. Serve it lightly chilled, and pour it alongside something from the grill


Minimus Grenache $34

NERD ALERT!!! My main mad scientist Minimus brings us this wild Grenache. Deceptively pale red in color with characters of strawberry, cherry and currant accented by orange blossom and licorice with spice notes of black pepper, allspice and cinnamon, carried by dusty tannins and moderate acid. The Grenache from Applegate Valley's Soloro Vineyard was planted in 2007 using the plant material from Chateauneuf du Pape's famed Chateau du Beaucastel (by way of California's Tablas Creek). It's the right combination of stressed vines, rocky soil, location and elevation, vintage, and Chad's winemaking: this is outstanding. You gotta check this one out.


Pacina, Sangiovese La Malena $37

An all-natural wine from Tuscany Italy. From a family that is dedicated. Dedicated to their land and making wine using nothing but mother nature. No Sulfur, No pesticides. No Rules!!! I met with the family and their wines a few weeks back and was blow away This is a special, thoughtful wine.


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