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Wine Tasting Bordeaux


The Major Leagues, the Big Show, Blue Chip, 5 Star, Top Dog…etcetera.

We must be talking BORDEAUX. You may look no further if you are looking for the most expensive, most historical, most cultish, and perhaps, the most delicious wines in the world.

When looking into Bordeaux the biggest thing to remember is this is the birthplace of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, and 90% of the wine made in Bordeaux are made with these two grapes. The wine in Bordeaux is always blended, and is the most copied blend in the wine world: i.e., a Bordeaux Blend. There are two rivers that split the land into 3 parts: right bank, left bank, and Entre-deux-Mers the (between two seas). Left bank is mostly Cabernet Sauvignon. Right bank is mostly Merlot. Entre-deux-Mers is mostly white.

Bordeaux red wines are medium to full bodied with bold aromas of currants, plums and an earth. Depending on the quality, vintage and what region within Bordeaux the wine is from, fruit flavors range from more tart fruit to sweeter ripe fruit. When you taste the wines, they burst with mineral and fruit notes that lead into prickly, savory, mouth-drying tannins.

This week we will taste all three major areas: right bank, left bank, and EDM. Come in to discover your favorite from this classic, nay, Iconic wine region.


Château Sainte-Marie, Réserve, Entre-deux-Mers, 2015      $14

Lovely bright, black cherry robe. The Entre-Deux-Mers soils contribute to this wine’s personality, its tannins and pleasantly ripe red fruit aromas.


Château La Gabarre, Bordeaux Superior, 2015     $16

Deep red color. It has got a pleasant aroma of leather and tobacco. Powerful taste of ripe dark cherry with a note of licorice. Good balance. Nose is bright with blackberry and vanilla. Medium-bodied. A touch of acidity. This very fresh and fruity Bordeaux red offers violet notes, candied red berry aromas, fresh tannins and a juicy taste of blackcurrant and blackberries.


Château Barreyre, Bordeaux Superior, 2014    $25

Subtle and earthy, with currants and cherry skin that brighten up noticeably with air, and lead to a palate defined by red cherry and a hint of flowers, as well as shaved led pencil. Family own and ran since 1700’s!!! Great-Grand-Daddy-Barreyre built the Château in 1774. One of the rare family’s that built the Chateau and still own the vineyards. They made it through the French revolution still intact!


Château Aney, Haut-Medoc, 2014     $32

 A classic “claret”. The final blend of the wine matches the proportions in which they are planted throughout the thirty hectares of vineyards: 65% Cabernet Sauvignon, 25% Merlot, 7% Cabernet Franc, and 3% Petit Verdot. This traditional Haut Médoc is more like what you might remember of the classic Bordeaux styles of the 1960s and 1970s. Not at all cloaked in new wood or over-extracted tannins, Château Aney’s wines have finesse and balance that make them both approachable now and perfect for longer aging.


Château Belles-Graves, Lalande-de-Pomerol, 2012     $37

Lovely, young with very bright notes. Very powerful iron on the nose, with some tart limestone. Rich with dark ripe raspberry, cocoa, blood, dark cherry, some cigar box. It could use some more years for finesse, but a lovely treat nonetheless. Dark floral fruit and black currant with a few wild blackberries thrown in. Med to full body with good acidity.


Château Grillon, Sauternes, 2015      $21

Rich and juicy, this attractive wine explodes with honeyed fruits -- peach, pear, oranges, and apricots – ending with a whisper of bitter almond. Just starting to develop, enjoy now or cellar. For a classic pairing pour with lobster; for dessert, serve with gingerbread cake drizzled in tart lemon sauce. To taste at a level 10, try with foie gras, or Roquefort, just invite me first!

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